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Our 1984 VW Rabbit Convertible

In The Car Show

2006 June Bug Jamboree in Springfield, MO.

Finally after all the years of hard work and money spent, it was all worth it when we took 1st place at the JBJ. Nothing like spending the day with 100's of VW lovers and their VW's and then taking home a 1st place trophy!!

2007 MO-KAN Bug Blitz/Bus Blast

Entered the Rabbit in the Mo-Kan show end of May 2007 and took first place in it's class. Had some pretty stiff competition too!

2007 June Bug Jamboree in Springfield, MO

Entered the Rabbit in the JBJ again this year. We took home a trophy for 3rd place. Was a nice surprise since there was a lot of competition this year.

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