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MO Bikes!! these aren't cars, however, they do have wheels and they are fun to play on. Soooooooo......we thought why not add them to our site. We do love our motorized toys!

This is the first one we acquired. We picked it up at a sale super duper cheap. We figured since it was so cheap it would need some work. And it did. The battery had wires melted to it. And it wouldn't start with the switch. And it didn't have the pull start. Sooooooo had to unmelt those wires and reattach them to the appropriate spots. etc etc. Hey it started! Um but it won't go anywhere....uh oh. Bad clutch. So pulled the clutch out and repadded it. Now it just needs to be put back together. We'll update info and pics as we go. Here it is all tore down!'s the second one we got. Um it's new. It's the original pocket rocket. Smaller than the one above......way smaller. And um waaaaaaaay faster. It's been modified somewhat. It has a shaved flywheel, jetted up carb and performance exhaust. Since the fly wheel was shaved, the side pieces had to be removed in order for air to keep the engine cool. It will do about 45mph with a 210 pound man riding it. WOW....that's pretty fast for such a tiny bike. It will smoke the back tire on concrete too! It's fun!


We have a gokart too, but we don't have any pics of it yet. We'll add pics and info about that soon.

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