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1974 Super Beetle - Body Restoration

We decided it was time to get this baby painted before winter sets in and rust becomes a major issue. Here are a few pictures from beginning to end. Primer pics. Pics of the fenders, lights, signals etc removed. Then you can see the paint process. This was done in a basic garage with an air compressor and paint gun (and a talented, experienced, body man brother). Since we are lacking in the knowledge of body work and did not give the talented brother a lot of time to do body work this turned out to be NOT a show car paint job, but a good everyday driver paint job.

This is the car when we got it.

Here's the primer job we did before we took things off and painted.

Here's the car fully primered.

Here's where we start with the tear down.

Here's the beginning of the paint process.

Painted and drying.

And finally, all put back together and ready to drive!

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