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1974 Super Beetle - Interior, Exterior, Engine Upgrades, and etc.

Condition of Car when we got it:
Painted Red.
Dash is cracked.
Interior has been redone and put back to original style.

First things we did:
May 2006: New Bosch Spark Plugs
New Bosch Blue Coil
New Red Plug Wires
New Chrome Valve Covers
Headlight Eyelids
Fuel Tank Removed and Flushed
Replaced the Starter

June 2006: Ok so we have some rust starting and some spots where sap had ate the paint. So we decided best to fix it now. Front bumper was bent up?! So removed that. And so that it wouldn't look funny we removed the rear one as well. Sanded off rust spots and primered her black. (you can see pics of the exterior work by clicking on the "body restoration" link below)

July 2006: Loose steering while driving. Upon inspection it seemed we had a bad center tie rod. Of course, can't get that at any nearby parts stores. Had to order it special from That was quite a chore to replace. Nice to be able to steer the car rather than have the car steer us though!!

September 2006: So now we have an oil leak. Well actually two. So replaced the oil pressure switch. That leak fixed! Now for the other leak. Coming from the oil filler tube. Oh boy! And guess what? Looks as if someone had messed with it before and it's all stripped out! Great! So Replaced the stock oil filler tube with an unvented polished aluminum one. Which is nice, but in order to do that had to also replace the generator stand that has the oil fill port so that the tube will be able to be attached! Looks good.

While doing all that replaced the generator strap which was broken and put some bolts in the fan shroud which had none in it. Gee wonder if that's why it was rattling so much?

Since everything was all apart anyway, might as well rebuild that carb that's loading up so much. Pulled it off and got a rebuild kit and took care of that too!

Gotta have tunes while driving and get tired of listening to the same Beegees cd over and over! So got a radio antenna.....yippee! And just to dress up the insides a tad, went with an Empi trigger action high performance shifter. Looks cool and much easier on the shifting!

Now for the nasty! Body restoration. Check out the pictures of the tear down and paint process of our '74 super.

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