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1967 Bug Exterior

September 2006 - April 2007:

Time for body work. Invited talented, experienced brother over to help with bondo, sanding, priming, and paint. He taught us the tricks of the trade. How to mix and apply bondo properly. Tips on getting the bondo to dry quicker. Also showed us the proper way to shoot the primer and/or paint with air gun. Had a small issue with the compressor working properly, so come out a little tiger striped when doing the gray primer. But since it's just primer we aren't too concerned about that at this point. We're still extremely happy with the outcome and think it looks so much better than the tri-color it was before. Removed the custom (probably camaro) mirrors that someone put on it. Put some metal behind the holes and finished evening the spots out with some bondo. Took all the custom bumpers and odd position of license plate holder off and filled those holes. And then proceeded with the priming stage. After the few months of gray primer we began the tear down process in order to paint. All fenders, hood, decklids, light housings, and seals are removed. All interior parts removed, prepped, and painted (see pics of that on etc. page). Car is painted Hot Rod Black. New American Racing Wheels are added during this time.

Now for pics:

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