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~ MO Carz ~

If you are a lover of VW's....then cruise on into our site! You can explore the history, restoration, and upgrades. And see Tons of pics of our old VW Bug Sedan and Super Beetle, our Rabbit Convertible and our New Beetle. Now that we have you geared up.... Sit back, Fasten your seatbelt, And enjoy the Ride!! :)

We'll start with the oldest part of MOCarz. This is our 1967 Beetle Sedan. Some customization on this one. Click the VW emblem and check it out.

Now for a little newer German Air Cooled ride. Our 1974 Super Beetle.

Now we get into the water cooled side of Volkswagen with our 1984 Rabbit Convertible. We've done a lot to this one. And be sure to check out the Rabbit history while your in there!

Now it's time to move up into the new millennium of German engineering. Clicking below will take you to our 2003 VW Beetle pages.

Looking for parts? Click the tire to find places that specialize in import parts on and off the net.

Click the tire to visit our other sites and favorite links!!

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VW Lovers Quote!!!!!

The Germans create the technology. The Japanese copy the technology. And the Americans scratch their heads and say "Gee, that's a good idea"!!

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